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Infrastructure guidelines for New & Existing Establishments

Infrastructure needs vary considerably. At the same time, there is a common thread binding all of them, which is that of adept Consulting.

That is exactly where we at GSR Eduwizer come into the picture, ensuring that clients receive just the right kind of Infrastructure Consulting which they need.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

Are all clients even aware – or sure of what they need?

No, and that is where the importance of our value-add increases exponentially.

From understanding client needs to defining a clear pathway along which those needs would actually be fulfilled, we leave absolutely no stone upturned in ensuring that client needs are met to exacting standards.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

What we do?

A key aspect to note here is that our Consulting services span across both existing as well as new institutions, including ones where nothing concrete has been done yet and everything needs to be laid out from scratch.

Some basic aspects we look into as part of our Infrastructural Consulting services include:

  • Structure of the Business
  • Feasibility, along with a comprehensive Project Plan
  • Financial Model Development
  • Structuring Finances, as well as options for Finance Procurement

Finally, a pertinent aspect to note is our Scalability, whereby we are able to consult for businesses irrespective of their size, from really small sized ones to very large enterprise-level establishments.

While right equipment is central to running an educational institution successfully, knowing when and how to procure it can make a world of difference towards optimal functioning.

Educational Institutions require a multitude of laboratories to function optimally and provide their wards with the best learning facilities.

Libraries are clearly the bastion of knowledge. This is where luminaries across generations have gained wisdom in their domains.

While the academic curriculum at most educational institutions is determined by the educational board they are a part of – CBSE, ICSE, or SSC

Students develop holistically when learning goes beyond routine classroom lessons alone.

For any educational institution, its location proves to be an absolute deal breaker. At the same time, simply being in a great location isn’t enough