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Extensive experience in providing Administrative Support

For any educational institution to function smoothly, it is imperative that its administrative divisions work cohesively and optimally. This includes many administrative divisions which are not easily obvious to external stakeholders. The transport provided to students, for example, or the way vendors – and purchases made from them are handled; all of this comes within the gambit of appropriate administrative services.

At GSR Eduwizer, we do everything in our capacity to ensure the provision of sound consultancy on every possible administrative aspect.

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Towards this end, the extensive experience we have had in providing consultancy of this nature, along with the fruits this has brought about in terms of smooth functioning of numerous educational institutions which we have advised on this front, is a true testimony to the value that our services offer.

Administration Consulting Solutions we offer:

Academic governance mandates smooth functioning and operations of the academic departments of your institution. Aspects to consider would include ensuring that there are adequate staffs across various departments and subjects, the quality of these staffs, their conduct, timeliness, and so on. We consult on all of these aspects to ensure sound academic governance at your institution at all times.

Every educational institution has to kick start proceedings with the right kind of philosophy. The resultant ethos in turn needs to reflect in its name, its logo, as well as its motto or credo. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that adequate time and thought is devoted towards these aspects. At GSR Eduwizer, we aptly deep dive to ensure you have just the right name, logo, and motto, embodying your institutional philosophy.

The helping staffs in educational institutions needs to be handled in the most appropriate manner possible. Aspects to consider would include their salaries and perks, residential facilities (if applicable) for them, uniforms, and so on. Often, their interaction with students is a delicate matter. We consult intuitively on all of these various aspects so that you can rest easy.

For most educational institutions, it is a tightrope walk of sorts to ensure a balance between the budget outlay and the eventual expenditure which is undertaken. And as experience tells us, long term sustainability and profitability comes to those institutions which can strike equilibrium between the two well. Accordingly, we consult on a number of different aspects related to budgeting and the expenditure which is eventually incurred.

Providing adequate and appropriate transport is one of the key administrative facilities expected from all major educational institutions. In this regard, we consult on optimal ways to provide the safest and most appropriate means of transport, while helping you keep costs in check. A vital element is durability, so an apt balance between short term savings versus long term durability is always evaluated.

Today, perhaps more than ever, there is a fervent need to offer multiple fee payment modes to students. Digital or online payments are especially crucial, since they also make things a lot easier for institutions themselves. At GSR Eduwizer, we consult on the best ways to keep your fee collection process as streamlined and manageable as possible, while incurring the least possible time, effort and cost on it.

Appropriate vendor management is a crucial mix of the overall requirements needed to ensure smooth functioning of any educational institution. In fact, larger the institution, more the vendors involved, which in turn necessitates apt vendor management to the furthest extent possible. At GSR Eduwizer, we hold your hand right from vendor selection to cost finalization and ensuring that services provided by them are top-of-the-line.

For every educational institution, there are a number of purchases to be made, both one-time as well as recurring. Think uniforms, stationery, lab equipment, library books, transport facilities such as buses or vans, and more. Now, it is imperative that all these purchases are made in the most feasible way possible, keeping costs in check, and at the same time, not compromising on quality. At GSR Eduwizer, we are proud of our unique ability to consult you on an entire array of purchase management related aspects.

In any educational institution, there are many administrative responsibilities which they are expected to deliver upon with finesse. Instances include ensuring the safety and security of children, managing vendors and purchases effectively (as highlighted in above sections), handling and training helping staff, and more. At GSR Eduwizer, we are extremely proud of our unique ability to consult on all these fronts with finesse.


For an educational institution to operate smoothly on a regular basis, multiple departments or sections need to work in tandem. Essentially, everything needs to fall in place in a way that there is no glaring hitch of any kind.

On this page, we look at various nuances related to ideal operations at educational institutions such as yours.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

Safety and Security of Students

Among the numerous aspects that require careful consideration while ensuring smooth operations at educational institutions is the safety and security of students. After all, an unsecure environment would be detrimental to everyone concerned.

Towards this end, you can ensure:

  • CCTV Cameras are installed and functional at appropriate places, especially entry and exit points, as well as other sensitive locations.
  • All employees, especially contractual ones as well as all others who come in close contact with students – be it teachers, admin staff, etc. are all thoroughly vetted.
  • All transport facilities provided by the institution are completely safe and secure.
  • All infrastructural equipment and construction at the premises are safe and do not pose any risk or harm to students.

GSR Eduwizer consults you on ensuring all of the above in the most optimal way possible.

Institutional Management Software

In today’s day and age, appropriate software for managing the day-to-day operations of an educational institution in the best way possible proves extremely useful. That is the reason GSR Eduwizer has put in tremendous effort towards ensuring that such a software is suitably in place which is easy to use and navigate for all parties concerned.

Software of this kind proves useful in a variety of different situations that include:

  • Posting circulars.
  • Quiz hosting.
  • Collection of fees.
  • Tracking institutional transport such as buses, etc.
  • Managing vendors.
  • Scheduling services.
  • Automated student and teacher profile maintenance.

Alongside, ERP systems are also put in place as required by institutions.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

Further, the software is completely scalable and customizable, as per institutional requirements.

At the end of the day, the software comes with an array of advantages that include:

  • Scalability
  • Improved learning
  • Regular updates/upgrades to ensure that all the best features are available for institutions to use in their furthest interest.
  • The software also comes with long term support as and when required by institutions.