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Academic Support

Competence and experience in going through every aspect of curriculum design

For any educational institution, designing and developing its academic curriculum is at its core. This in turn mandates things to fall in place on a number of different aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Customizing for various grades and levels of learning.
  • Benchmarking against standards followed by other institutions, as well as guidelines from various academic bodies.
  • Multiple formats of academic curriculum; today online or digital learning for instance is a crucial mix of overall academic content which is created.
  • There is a fervent need for creating academic content beyond the stereotype, say in the form of workshops, extracurricular activities, and more.

All of this needs to fall in place perfectly otherwise there is a concern. At GSR Eduwizer, we are fully equipped to adeptly consult you on all the above.

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Educational Assessment

Assessing the quality of curricular content on offer by benchmarking it against numerous critical standards forms an integral part of the academic work to be done at educational institutions. Herein, aspects to consider include:

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  • Researching the accuracy of subject matter being provided to students.
  • Evaluating the overall design and implementation of academic content.
  • Conducting numerous field tests, both at the local and national level. For this, the data collectors require appropriate training too.
  • Evaluating the standards as proffered by various state and national level boards.

Student Kits

We consult on creating a number of different student kits which are tailored to the needs of students. These include:

  • Books and other study material.
  • Uniforms, books, bags, and more with the insignia of the institution. These also serve as a vital component of the entire branding initiative. Uniforms are particularly important, given the fact that they are handed out not only to students but also to various staff members. Additionally, there are different uniforms depending on the gender, occasion, event, season, and so on.
  • Stationery such as pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.
  • Accompanying paraphernalia vital to students such as water bottles, sippers, satchels, lunch boxes, and more. The possibility of institutional logos or branding is also evaluated.
  • Additional items required for imparting lessons to students such as projectors, study boards, etc.
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

Curricular Design

Quite likely, from among various academic initiatives, designing the curriculum on offer will take up maximum time, thought, and effort. Accordingly, at GSR Eduwizer, we are fully equipped to consult you on a number of different aspects related to curricular design.

One aspect that we especially focus on – and recommend to all institutions, is to concentrate on the all-round development of students. That way, they don’t just learn by rote but rather, holistically.

Things like values, analytical thinking, social skills, psychological development, and so on, all get a boost with a more holistic and all-pervasive curricular design.

Things to look at within curricular design include:

  • Deeming the appropriateness of content.
  • Ensuring that activities are designed for various grades and times.
  • Confirming the availability of adequate study material at all times.
  • Provisioning for dynamic digital content, beyond static elements in printed material.
  • Handbooks for teachers, parents, and any other relevant stakeholders.
  • Assessment criteria, again not just for students but also for teachers and other staff.