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Induction and Orientation of Staff

The choice of appropriate staff is one of the biggest and most crucial decisions to be taken by educational institutions. Once this decision has been made and suitable staffs are appointed they are required to be inducted and oriented. An instance would be staffs that come from other educational institutions. They often require reorientation to fit into what is likely to be a different setup for them. At GSR Eduwizer, we are immensely pleased to offer fine consulting around these nuances of inducting and orienting staff.

Staff Welfare

When you have happy staffs that in turn ensure a happy institution! At GSR Eduwizer, we pave the way for setting up an entire staff wellbeing team with the responsibility of ensuring staff welfare at all times to the furthest extent possible. After all, this in turn ensures smooth and optimal functioning of the entire institution as a whole. It also helps maintain cordial relations between staff members.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

Staff Profile & Responsibilities

It is in the best interest of every educational institution to ensure that the right staffs are employed for the right job. In this regard, while qualification is an immensely important criterion, it is by no means the only one. For instance, experience will often take precedence over qualification alone.

Alongside, staffs need to be handed out responsibilities beyond their teaching duties alone.

At GSR Eduwizer, we consult on a variety of aspects around optimal staff profiles and responsibilities.

Training and Workshops for the Management

As much as we focus on teaching staff as the core HR or Human Resource component of educational institutions (quite rightly so!), the management plays an equally important role, if not one that is even more important.

Accordingly, GSR Eduwizer is at the forefront of organizing a variety of training activities and workshops for the management. Armed with this, management is in turn in an even more powerful position to manage and operate their institution better.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd