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Exclusive Pre-Schools

Setup your preschool from scratch – or take one you already have, to the next level

Preschools serve as preparatory grounds for little kids before they get into mainstream schools at the kindergarten stage.

All too often, getting straight into kindergarten at large schools can be quite an overwhelming experience for very young children.

Instead, the preschool experience serves to bridge the gap for these little ones such that they are well prepared for what lies ahead in front of them.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd


Preschools offer a number of distinct advantages to toddlers that include:

  • Confidence to function in a school environment where there would be a number of other students like them from a variety of different backgrounds.
  • Encourage curiosity in them, again for a number of different things.
  • Initiate the learning process even before they actually get to a formal school environment, such as kindergarten in full-fledged schools.
  • Bring out and develop various skills including sensory and motor development ones.
  • Improve their creativity while encouraging problem solving and soft skills for socialising with others.

Factors Determining Quality at Preschools

There are a number of different factors that ultimately determine quality standards at preschools. These include:

The curriculum at this stage cannot be very advanced. Instead, it has to be simplistic, arousing curiosity and openness to learning. Advanced learning with focus on specific subjects can always come at a later stage.

While there are various ways on the timing for which a preschool should function, nowadays it has become relatively standard to see preschools operating for an entire day; or at least a minimum of 4 hours. Further, the age group of students at preschools is increasingly getting younger and wider; today, we even see students less than 2 years of age at preschools.

The quality of staff at preschools really matters. They have to be sensitive (if not, they need to be sensitised) to the needs of such young children. They also need to be patient while handling kids at this level. Accordingly, teachers with requisite training and/or experience in this realm are recommended.

The learning mode and level at this stage has to be particularly interactive. As we mentioned in the curriculum section above, the emphasis cannot be on academic learning. Instead, interactivity, getting comfortable with other students as well as the school environment in general – these would be areas of priority.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

GSR Eduwizer Value-Add

When it comes to preschools, the value-add at GSR Eduwizer is immense and comes in many different ways.

Firstly, we help you setup preschools in the most optimal way possible. This includes looking at all of the nuances, be it the infrastructural side or the business side.

In this quest, the years of experience that GSR Eduwizer has had on this front proves truly invaluable. This is why assistance especially true when considering the fact that our value addition extends both to existing preschools – looking to take things to the next level, as well as new ones eager to set up their preschools from scratch.

Further, once the brand name of a particular preschool is well-established, we go out of our way in providing franchise related consultancy assistance.

We Help Preschools in Many Ways

Our assistance extends to preschools in many unique ways:

  • Choosing the best location for your preschool (in case of new ones).
  • Ensuring that the space available is utilized in the best way possible.
  • Complete décor and design of your preschool.
  • Helping you with hiring teachers, support staff, and vendors/contractors.
  • Deciding the day to day activities at your preschool.
  • Suggesting ways in which you can maximize revenues from your preschool. An instance would be use of the campus, after school hours, for conducting workshops, theatre, and other revenue generating events.
  • Putting the entire academic calendar in place.
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd