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Franchise Model
Franchise Model The franchise model being referred to on this page – in the context of educational institutions is in fact a two-way street. On one hand, there is the possibility of you handing out franchises for your very well-established educational brand. On the other, you are an entrepreneur raring to go towards setting up...
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Setup your preschool
Setup your preschool from scratch – or take one you already have, to the next level Preschools serve as preparatory grounds for little kids before they get into mainstream schools at the kindergarten stage. All too often, getting straight into kindergarten at large schools can be quite an overwhelming experience for very young children. Instead,...
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Infrastructure guidelines for New & Existing Establishments Infrastructure needs vary considerably. At the same time, there is a common thread binding all of them, which is that of adept Consulting. That is exactly where we at GSR Eduwizer come into the picture, ensuring that clients receive just the right kind of Infrastructure Consulting which they...
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