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Franchise Model

Franchise Model

The franchise model being referred to on this page – in the context of educational institutions is in fact a two-way street. On one hand, there is the possibility of you handing out franchises for your very well-established educational brand.

On the other, you are an entrepreneur raring to go towards setting up your very own educational institution. Towards this end, instead of starting things from scratch, you could easily be a franchisee for an existing, well-known educational brand.

Irrespective of the proverbial fence that you happen to be on, at GSR Eduwizer, we could assist you in a number of different ways in pursuit of the franchise model that you wish to take to the next level.

gsr eduwizer pvt ltd
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd


For those running a successful and well-recognized educational brand, the franchise model offers an ideal opportunity to further accentuate their already coveted reputation.

Critically, the revenue being generated this way is passive, thanks to royalties that are given by the franchisees. Moreover, this royalty is invariably in perpetuity, implying consistency in earnings over a prolonged period of time.

Further, the franchise model ensures a rapid spread of well-known brands – in this case in the educational sector, when it would not be easy to do so otherwise.

Taking the franchise model, the same brand of institutions can quickly bring itself up to speed across disparate locations.

For franchisees too, there are unique benefits, especially the fact that a well-known name requires little to no promotion. As a result, franchisee entrepreneurs can be running a successful educational institution from day one, when it would otherwise be quite a tough ask to start from scratch with an unknown brand.

GSR Eduwizer Assistance

GSR Eduwizer provides assistance on the franchise model in a number of different ways:

  • For prospective franchisees, we consult on the most appropriate educational brands to consider becoming franchises of.
  • We advise on every possible way to make the franchise a success (even the best of big brand names have franchises that fare poorly when compared to others).
  • To franchisors and franchisees alike, we advise on negotiating the best terms favouring them, with the other party.
  • In every instance, we always strive very hard to ensure that the interest of the party we are consulting is met to the fullest extent.
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

Some Specifics

Some specifics on this front, which see all-round value being added by GSR Eduwizer:

  • Terms of the franchise agreement being honoured by parties concerned.
  • Consistency in adherence to the original franchise specifications, including relatively minor aspects such as uniforms, colours, curriculum, and so on.
  • Ensuring that brand integrity is never compromised in pursuit of the franchise model.
  • Maximizing revenues at both ends, viz. for franchisors and franchisees.

Clearly, GSR Eduwizer has exponential contribution to make towards successful implementation of the franchise model.