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Project Start Up Support

Project Startup Guidance

There is a lot that goes into setting up an educational institution. Costs aside, there are a number of different factors which every entrepreneur looking to set up an educational institution really needs to consider.

At GSR Eduwizer, we have the wherewithal to consult you with finesse on all the things that really matter. That way, you are able to make completely pragmatic decisions which are backed by concrete pieces of information and data, rather than hearsay.

Till date, it is due to the sound consulting that we have provided along these realms, that schools and other institutions across various locations have been able to set themselves up with ease.

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Before you even begin, you can visualize the sheer size and scale of the educational sector in India, which at the very least is estimated to be worth $40 billion. This in turn has encouraged various players, both Indian and overseas, to jump on board with their investments. To what extent you would (if at all) consider partnering with another player – or prefer to go it solo, is again something we can consult you on.

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Navigating the Educational Landscape, its Laws and Regulations

Getting into this sector mandates robust awareness of the entire landscape. This is especially true as far as applicable laws and regulations are concerned. For instance, there are legal aspects attached to the ways in which you can collaborate with international educational institutions.

Alongside, you also have to look at the way in which you would like to structure your educational institution as a business enterprise – whether as a Sole Proprietorship, a Partnership, etc.

We guide you on all of this throughout the entire process.

Feasibility Study

Perhaps the most critical element to this entire process is a thorough feasibility study. This ensures that you are on the right track – at the right place, and in the right manner. At GSR Eduwizer, we are extremely proud of the extensive experience we have had in drawing out detailed feasibility studies for educational institutions both in India and abroad.

Aspects that we look into and consult you on include:

  • A SWOT analysis of your internal and external resources.
  • The legal nuances that apply.
  • Detailed financial projections.
  • Pertinent locational analysis with regard to the land available and its usage.
  • Thorough vetting of local and/or overseas partners and investors.
  • Facilitating finalization of the MOU.
  • Completion of due diligence and legal requisites.

Alongside, there are aspects related to planning of the project which you are likely to require help on, such as:

  • Campus plan, with regard to its usage and development.
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  • Choice of a capable Architect/Architectural firm for execution of the campus plan.
  • Client profiling.
  • Detailed report on the planned project.
  • Firming the Mission, Vision and Objectives of the Institution, while aligning them with the overall academic and business model that have been conceptualized.
  • Analysis of the environment, along with a Demographic study.
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Then there is also the aspect of Project Execution, on which consultancy required typically includes:

  • Preparing the Master Purchase List.
  • Vetting Vendors, subsequent to which they need to be finalized after negotiation of terms.
  • Finer nuances of campus outlay, finalized with the Architect/Architectural firm.

Lastly, there are Governance related aspects to be looked into such as:

  • All necessary approvals and compliances.
  • Firming up the institutional name (if that has not been done yet!), logo, motto, while aligning it with the intended philosophy of the institution.
  • Ensuring that requisite academic governance is in place by way of appropriate Committees and Boards.