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About company


Our motto is to provide customized Educational Management Consulting Services to all Pre-schools to Universities across India and Overseas at affordable budgets.

Over the years, we have been providing the right kind of Educational Management Consulting, Digital Marketing, HR Recruitment & Staffing, Edutech Services, and Property Consulting for Educational Institutions, and other organizations.

Education Management Consulting Services

Covers Infrastructure support, Administrative support, Operations and Academic support.


Enhancing your digital presence by executing quality digital strategies and Ad campaigns.

Recruitment &

Recruitment and Selection of management, teaching, and non-teaching staff, welfare, etc.


Technology-enabled solutions like IFPD, E-Hybrid Classrooms, AV & Digital Equipment, LMS, etc.

Institutions Property Consulting Services

Acquisition, Divest & Lease of Educational Properties, Franchising Model for Institutions, etc.

GSRE offers a variety of solutions that can benefit the overall project schedule and budget, saving clients valuable time and money.

We deliver a competitive advantage for our clients with unique digital marketing methodologies, techniques, and analytical tools. Our goal always remains to help the business achieve online excellence and generate a high Return on Investment (ROI).


What we do

Analytical capability

Frequently using your web browser without clearing its cache is another way to use up valuable storage space.

Repurpose or reproduce the data

Cost-effective strategy to prevent a business from having to purchase new data, items, and materials.

Unrivaled expertise

No matter what business, no matter where you are in the world, our functional experts help you shape your organization’s future.

Real-world Expertise

Knowledge and skills gained from traditional learning systems to hands-on real-world settings and creative projects.

Strategic foresight

We create and maintain a high-quality, logical and functional forward view, to use the insights arising in useful ways.

Collaboration Expertise

From communication to reliability and problem-solving, our skills will help you to successfully accomplish your dream project.

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