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Interactive Flat Panel

Install interactive LED touch panels in your classrooms or conference halls. Here’s what you’ll get:

● Annotatio n features to scribble like a physical board
● 4k resolutio n
● Clear & robust image quality
● Easy installatio n
● Gesture recogniti on
● Easy to use and operate for teachers
● Availabilit y of multiple sizes
● Support multiple windows

Avi and digital equip

Digital Podiums

Get complete smart podium solutions for your classrooms, board rooms, training rooms, and meeting rooms. Here’s what’s in the offering:

● Fully customizable podium according to your requirements
● Robust and easy to operate
● Esthetical design for a professional look
● Complete support for installation and operation s
● Premium quality accessories used for better educational delivery

Interactive Whiteboard

Transform the traditional blackboards with Interactive whiteboards from Crown Technologies. Look what it offers:

  • Pen writable surface for better understa nding
  • Robust design and build for more durability
  • Can work with multiple operating platforms
  • Eco friendly in nature
  • Supports 10 points touch at a single moment
  • It’s easy to install and operate


Use innovative high-tech projectors for a better understanding of the topic. Look what our projectors offer:

  • High durability because of its robustness
  • Available in four variants: long-throw, short throw, ultra-short throw, and interactive projectors
  • Warranty and guarantee from the house of Crown Technologies


Improve the connectivity of your institute with Crown Technologies cameras. Have a look at our camera options:

  • Use high-resolution cameras for online and virtual classes
  • Install innovative and premium quality web cameras
  • Track lectures using our high tech cameras
  • Get installation and warranty from our end

AV Conferencing Equipments

Make meetings in conference rooms and meeting halls a great experience with our AV conferencing equipment. Here’s what we offer:

  • Streaming devices for better understanding
  • Mics and other equipment
  • Hard Codec and soft codec for better conferencing experience
  • Easy movable and adjustable accessories


Install top-notch kiosks for better education standards and quality knowledge delivery. Here’s what we offer:

  • Touch kiosk for interactive educational sessions between the learner and educator
  • Table kiosk for easy and quick access to the information, thus replacing the traditional table