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Digital Media Services

  • Do you know exactly how to interact with your prospective customers online and how you want your business to grow online?
  • Do you know how to generate leads or inquiries from your prospective customers based on your business objectives and requirements and later turn them into qualified customers?
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GSR Digital, an initiative of GSR Eduwizer, based in Hyderabad, is one of the fastest-growing digital media services providers offering lead generation, paid campaigns and its management, social media campaigns, etc.

We provide the following digital media services:

  • Google Ads Campaign setup and management
  • Social Media Promotions including Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads
  • Display Ads & Remarketing
  • Mobile PPC Ads
  • SMS and Email campaign
  • Lead Generation campaign, and many more.
gsr eduwizer pvt ltd

Why do you need Digital Media Services?

Digital Media Services is a combination of awareness and segmentation as part of digital strategy. It provides an instant way to reach your target audience anywhere in the world.

You provide your business requirements and we will take care of your digital services and their management, monitoring, and social presence to get your branded online instantly. We clearly understand your business needs and your customer’s behavior so that we can communicate your brand online efficiently.

Our digital media services expertise is derived from years of cumulative experience in advertising, sales, digital

marketing, websites, creative services, and consulting, and we deliver measurable results with increased ROI for our customers.


  • In social media channels, organic reach takes time. Paid campaigns are the best way to reach your target audience instantly as per their demographics.
  • Measurable figures and affordable as per your business requirements
  • You can target specifically using geo-fencing
  • You can generate your audience insights and their behavior
  • Retargeting and retention
  • Instant visibility online even when you are not ranked organically in Google

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